How to Rainbow Loom: Fishtails




Introduction: How to Rainbow Loom: Fishtails

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Step 1: What You Need

About 20 colored bands of each color you want to use. Time, patience and most importantly 2 fingers ! I almost forgot ! A c-clip or a s-clip

Step 2: Select the Colors

Select 3 different colors. I choose purple, yellow, and blue. So if your a beginner I think it would be easier!

Step 3: Start

Take a loom band and twist it on your fingers like an 8 or infinity sign. If your confused look at the picture above!

Step 4: Take 2 Bands

Now take another colored band (blue) and place it untwisted over the 8. Than put a yellow band above the blue one!

Step 5: Loop the Bands

Grab one side of the 8 (purple) and lift it above onto the top band (yellow) repeat with other side. Then pull the purple band gently.

Step 6: Repeat

Now place a band on top of the other one ( place a purple one on top of the yellow one) and loop with the blue one! Than repeat until the bracelet is down to your wrist!

Step 7: Finishing the Bracelet

Take an S-clip or c-clip loop the bands around it

Step 8: Repeat With Other Side

Do the same thing but on the other side!

Step 9: Now Your Done


Step 10: Extra

If you have charms feel free to loop them on your bracelet for your own look!

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    do you have a loom?
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