How to Recover Your Account

Introduction: How to Recover Your Account

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You have been locked out of your computer? Or maybe you want to know for if it happened? Well in this instructable I will show you how to gain acess back to your account in seconds, even with your password changed! Note: PICTURES ARE NOT OF MY COMPUTER!

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Step 1: Accessing the Account!

Alright turn your computer on, then repeatedly click f8 until a bunch of characters appear(if your computer is really old it may need to be f5) It should give you the choices; Safe mode, Safe mode with network support, and safe mode with command prompt. The simplest choice would be safe mode with command prompt. Choose it!

Step 2: Getting Into the Computer

You should have made it to your login screen. There should be a new account called "administrator" If you ever added a password for it use that, if it requests a password and you never try "password" or entering nothing at all! If you still can't access then it means whoever changed it knows a little bit more about keeping you out then we thought, Go look up ophcrack it's a password recovery tool! If your into your account though, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Getting Into YOUR Account

By now you should be in the administrator account if your not go back to step 1! Now that we're into your computer 1 thing I suggest is CREATE A BACKUP. But right now were going to get into your account. There should be a window called cmd type "net users (your username) *" Now type the new password, or hit enter 3 times to blank it out ( NOT RECCOMENDED ) Also for security purposes do the same thing except your username change it to administrator, this will protect you from a more advanced hacker! Note: Not my computer!

Step 4: Reboot

Restart your computer and enter as usual except with the new password! You have now gotten your computer back from the evil hacker also this instructable will get your computer back from the virus sent in my last instructable! Note: This information is to protect YOU not be used against others, I am in no way responsible if you go to court! Note: Thank you for reading my instructables, I do have more tricks that I won't be releasing to public, 1 would be the advanced version of the Facebook virus which would stop safe mode recovery, If you want these tricks message me I may or may not give it to you! Note: again not my computer

Step 5: Warning

1 Wrong step could permanently damage your pc use at own risk!

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    6 years ago

    This is my second instructable I hope everyone who liked the first liked this, if you message me ideas as long as its about the topic like hacking I will listen and see what I can do THANK YOU