How to Recycle an Old Towel Into a Sexy Shorts!





Introduction: How to Recycle an Old Towel Into a Sexy Shorts!

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Recycle an old towel into a sexy shorts!



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    1 year ago

    Hehehe. I remember back around 1980 when tery cloth shorts (essentially what you are making) were all the rage amongst women in the sporting (particularly running) community. Good work in reviving that much missed style. :-)

    true... we definitely need your measurements to have an idea of the cut sizes (grin)

    This is a cute idea I would love it if you could add some measurements to your instructables. Thanks for all your ideas though, I really like to sew easy stuff and your stuff is fun and quick to make.

    I would totally try this but I can't tell how you figure the dimensions of the two rectangles that make the legs. How long? How wide?

    2 replies

    I tried this, twice. I couldn't get it to fit either time. Obviously there's a formula that is being used that I don't understand.

    You will notice that she is quite petite. The shorts may fit at her rear but are rather baggy in the front. For more average or larger sized people I'd recommend using a real pattern to accommodate curves at the back. Making shorts out of towel material is a great summer time idea! Especially after swimming!

    you aught to use the rest of the towel to make a matching top

    She's smart, a good video. She's also easy to look at... =) which makes it easier than looking at me doing this. You really don't want to see me in tight shorts and showing my chest. That's not right, really not right...