How to Create an MTV-like Music Video W/ Photos in 5 Mins




Introduction: How to Create an MTV-like Music Video W/ Photos in 5 Mins

When someone sends us a 284 photo slideshow, we pretty much want to shoot ourselves. 32 minutes of near-fatal boredom.

A few of us computer geeks and tv/film producers locked ourselves in a room for a year and set out to build a tool to help people out there save people like us from "death by slideshows". (Plus we think slideshows are so 1992.)

So we built Think of it as a little black box filled with film & TV producers, tech nerds, robots, and indie rockers. You basically put your photos and a piece of music in one end, shake it up, and a photo music video pops out the other end -- all magically orchestrated to the music and with professional post-production technique.

And it only takes a few steps. The robots pretty much do all the hard work. And creating Shorts (30 second videos) is free. You can make, remix, and share as many as you want.

You need three things:
1. Digital photos or images
2. Some Music (although you can also choose from their library)
3. Computer w/ Internet Connection

Create a video HERE or click on the steps above for more details.


Here a 60 second overview of what the black box technology does:

Step 1: Get Your Images

First, choose the type of video you want to create. Either (1) an Animoto Short or (2) a Full-Length Extended Video. An Animoto Short is 30-seconds or less and is free. Full-length videos require a credit.

You can either UPLOAD images from your computer or RETRIEVE them from another site.

When you choose to UPLOAD images from you computer, use your CTRL or SHIFT key to choose multiple photos from your browser.

When RETRIEVING images from another site, choose from Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug, Picasa, or Photobucket to import from. You will be asked to GRANT ACCESS to allow Animoto to access your photo albums. Then, choose the album you want to animate.

Once your project is populated with your images, you can add/delete, drag to rearrange, rotate,or "spotlight" the ones you want to emphasize in your video.

Step 2: Get Your Music.

You can either SELECT a song from the Animoto collection or UPLOAD one from your computer.

If you choose to SELECT a song from Animoto, you will be asked to choose a genre of music. You will then be given a list of soundtracks which you can preview, learn more about and/or select for your music video. Once you select a song, use the slider tool to choose the entry point of the song.

Step 3: Finalize Your Video

Finalize your video by entering the video information that will appear as credits at the end of the video -- video title, video description, your name. Then click CREATE VIDEO .

Step 4: Voila!

After a few minutes, voila! You will receive an email with a link to your music video!

Review and if you want to put your images and music back through the render engine again to see what Animoto comes up with, just click the REMIX button and choose ONE-CLICK REMIX.

If you want to edit the photo selection or music, click the REMIX button and choose EDITING REMIX.

You now have your own personal music video!

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Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

It's arguably both, and that's ok. As noted here

  • Demonstrate how to do something.
This could include showing
how to change a car tire,
how to use a software product,
how to sail a boat.

I featured it because I thought the videos and the process of making them were cool.

12 years ago on Introduction

Check out this one I made of the Instructables Show and Tell in July:


12 years ago on Introduction

Remember folks you need a NIC like he so promptly shows for no reason at all in step 1, or else you won't get interwebs on your computer box.


12 years ago on Introduction

1st comment... HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's amazing, plus it's automated, so it's great for lazy-bums like me... Now, how do we break it? Can we upload like 300 pictures and ask it to sync to a 5x version of sandstorm?