How to Remodel a Basement Bathroom

I found a secret shower-sized alcove in the concrete behind my basement bathroom wall.  How can you NOT put in a shower?  This video series shows how to move plumbing under concrete, lay tile on floor and walls, install a sink, install a shower, install a toilet ...



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    Wow that is beautiful tile work and bathroom!!! But you really should have used Great Stuff expanding foam on the PVC pipe that exits the house or you will have a draft>

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    HowToLoucamping crazy

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I caulked the outside vent plate and vent tube to the brick as it exits the house to block the draft. The project is covered in 3 videos. you may not have seen one of them.

    Nice post.. :) The image shows a good work has been done. I liked it. Actually I had a kind of similar problem. I have a small bathroom whose some part is under my staircase. I just want bathroom remodeling to be done so that it looks spacious and becomes easy to use. Do you have some other suggestions to follow? Thank you..!!

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    Put the toilet under the stairs, under a slanted ceiling. I have seen that done alot, because you don't need the head room above a toilet.

    Go with a shower only, and not a full tub, to use less space.

    Try to overlap floor space. You need floor space in front of the sink, shower and toilet, but not all at the same time.

    Use smaller sized sink counter and smaller toilet, if you still need more room.

    Draw up your room, then draw and cut out your sink, shower and toilet. Move them around on the floor plan to give you the best space saving ideas, before you do any of the actual work.