How to Remove a Car Scratch?




Introduction: How to Remove a Car Scratch?

One can use shoe polish as the first step to removing scratches from a vehicle. Use a soft cloth or mechanic paper towel and rub a decent amount of the shoe polish over the scratches on the vehicle. The polish will then get into the scratches and fill it with the polish which results in making the scratches easier to see.

Step 1:

The next step to successfully removing scratches from your vehicle is to grab a 2000 grit block sander and sand over the scratches, you may use a wet or dry block sander. Be sure you have plenty of water on hand. You should keep sanding the scratches until the black shoe polish is no longer visible inside of the scratches. If the process seems too tough car removals brisbane pay money for old vehicles.

Step 2:

Now you will require a good quality rubbing compound. This is used in the process by using the rubbing compound to polish over the sanding scratches. If you have a polishing wheel handy you can just squirt a bit of the compound over the scratch, be sure you use enough. Now, take your polishing wheel and be careful not to get the polish too far out of the range of the scratches. It will not turn out right if you get polish stuck inside any edges of the vehicle such as the cracks of the door. It is best to use an oscillating polisher.

Step 3:

To finish off the process, you should do this last step by hand. Lightly rub the exterior where you had just removed the scratches with a clean soft cloth or mechanical paper towel. After you have finished this process you should your efforts by giving the car a nice waxing. Cash for cars brisbane will give you money for old cars.



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    Wow.. Really an amazing and effective method. Will surely check that out. In the meantime, you can check this out too. This method also blown up my mind. This guy is amazing with this scratch removing issue.

    There's a lot of good content in this Instructable, I for one don't have a problem with the embedded links because the author is really sharing some good techniques for removing scratches from car paint.

    You don't think that there's anything odd or wrong with posting a link "Cash for cars brisbane will give you money for old cars." or "If the process seems too tough car removals brisbane pay money for old vehicles."? - Those have nothing to do with polishing cars. You are not stupid - I dislike the site's tolerance for low-grade content and spam.


    I completely respect your opinions and hear what you are both saying. Mine is simply that the tip about using shoe polish in order to highlight the scratch is something I never knew, and so I figured that if I could bear with the frivolous links, perhaps someone could benefit from this information next time they have to fix a scratch.

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