How to Remove ALL ARs in Your Nerf Vulcan




Introduction: How to Remove ALL ARs in Your Nerf Vulcan

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Hey Guys! Yesterday I bought a Nerf Vulcan and Raider (used) for $20! When I shot the Vulcan it would only fire 25-35 feet and I thought 'I wish this would go further' so then I decided to mod it! I looked at Zinventor's and NickBurp's modification ibles and it was a little confusing. So I decided to show you guys how to do it! I also put in how to turn off the safety because when the Vulcan jams it's really annoying to un-jam it since the safety is there. Credit to Zinventor and NickBurp! Also please visit my website at!



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    I did this and my gun won't shoot at all on full or on semi. I think it has something to do with the AR sealing the chamber. Got any ideas?

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    Yes actualy the piece that grabs the belt, the white pice may be in upsidedown. u need to take off the plunger cover and flip it and reinstall it that should do it keep trying

    removed my master air restricter inside the gun by drilling it out due to it being glued shut, however my gun dosent seem to fire after I put it all together, its very odd and fires only some of the time. Is there any way to fix up this problem, i dont know if the drilling did anything but I got as close as the restricter's size that i had so i dont think it would be that. But please help me out, im modding the gun to look awesome for this convention im going to :]

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    Hmm, so it will only sometimes fire when doing Manual too? Did you check if the plunger juts out to seal around the chain? If it's only sometimes firing on Manual, try pulling the Priming handle back all the way. If the problem's on auto then try (note: I never tried the following): Washing out the plunger to get rid of scraps of plastic, Make sure that the plunger can jut out all the way, Replace batteries, Try pushing the dart all the way into the chain or try to loosen the dart and see if that makes a difference. I honestly have no idea. Anyway, what convention are you going to?

    I havent tried auto fire yet, never had the batteries. But i pull back the manual lever to load the gun and it sometimes fires, its not that im not getting enough airflow im getting a lot. I think its just that all of the air isnt directed toward the dart at times. What do you mean by plunger (id need a pic or a time of the video above to look at it so i can follow what you said. :]

    Im going to Anime Central in Illinois and i live in Michigan xD

    That's really weird. So does the white piece jut out and seals the dart chain when you pull the priming handle back?

    It does sometimes, i think that might be the problem, it dosent stay forward half the time, i have to pull the handle back very slow in order to shoot one dart, if i pull it back too fast it wont fire that dart.

    Would you like me to post a video up on youtube of me pulling the lever back so you could try to figure out whats wrong and give you the link?

    If you'd like to, then sure! Maybe some other people on YouTube can figure it out. Also do you have a NerfHaven account? If so, you can ask the people on there. Some of the people on Nerfhaven have been modding for a long time so they might know the solution.

    Sorry about the long wait, but ive been making my armor for the convention and now im looking at my bowgun again so here is the video of my gun:

    Hope I explained everything you need to know.

    Try to loosen the screws a bit. I'm thinking the plastic is too tight around the orange piece so that it won't go all the way back.

    Hey, does removing all the air restricters ruin the guns ability to shoot in auto mode? I remember reading this in some instructable. I wanna be able to use full auto, but I'd also like to shoot further...

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    I'm not sure. It worked for me, but I've heard that it doesn't work for some people.

    for some reason that i dont know my gun now will not shoot anything after i did this mod??? can sombody help me???? please??

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    What's the problem? Does it work auto? Does it work Manual? Is the plunger stuck? Is air coming out the plunger?

    the belt will feed perfect on manual and auto the plunger isnt stuck but only a little air comes out

    if you have a vulcan look at what it says on the orange part that flips open on the top lol

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