How to Remove an Unwanted Object From Your Photo

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A quick and simple tutorial to help you remove unwanted objects from your photos with our Photo Editor's Clone Tool.

Step 1: ​On the Toolbar, Under ‘Touch Up’, Select the Clone Tool

Here's the video so you can see how easy it is to remove unwanted objects from your photos with our Clone Tool (video)

Step 2: Click on ‘Source Selection’, Then Click on the Part of the Photo You Want to Clone (copy).

Step 3: Adjust the Brush Hardness to Blend the Edges of Your Clone.

BeFunky Pro Tip: The less hard your brush, the more blending on the edges and the more forgiving your clone will be.

Step 4: When You’re Ready, Just Click and Drag Over the Part of the Photo You Want to Remove. This Might Take a Couple Tries to Get It Looking Perfect.

BeFunky Pro Tip: To speed up the process you can select a new ‘Source’ by pressing CTRL (Command on Mac) on your keyboard and clicking the new ‘Source’ on your image.

Step 5: If You Clone Over a Part of the Photo You Didn’t Mean To, That’s What the Eraser Tool Is For.

Just select Erase, then click and drag to remove the clone. If you prefer to just start over, click Reset!

Step 6: Once You’re Done Cloning, Click ‘Apply’ and Say Bye Bye to the Rando’s :)



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