How to Remove Static From Videos and Audios Using Audacity!!

About: I am just a person who loves doing crazy and fun things... I always love to try to innovate when I can, and share any new discoveries I find... That is why I have recently started recording my shenanigans ...

How to remove static from your videos to ensure Maximum Quality, Completely free using Audacity!! Also if you don't hear the Static your Volume is probably to low... I would write more instructions but this is impossible to explain...

You'll need Audicity which is 100% free along with a file to fix...

Audacity Download: (



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    I mean that your explanations are not written down. I –as tens of millions around the world– can understand written English, but not spoken. Automatic conversion to subtitles that Youtube makes is commendable, but not very useful due to the intrinsic difficulty of the task.

    Alright thanks for this info... I Was figuring It would be extremely difficult to explain this if I wrote it down, but I can see what I can do, a little later though. And I'll try harder in future videos.

    As for YouTube Closed Captioning... They are so Ungodly inaccurate that they have very little to no reflection to what is actually being said... I try to write CC's for my videos when I can but it is a very lengthy process, and I hardly have the free time enough to so it... Hopefully when my channel expands enough I might be able to afford to hire someone to do it for me, but all that is just pipe dreams as of right now...

    At least it is good to know if I do some people can make good use of it, thank you.

    Thanks for your kindness. I am subscribed to some English spoken Youtubes, but subtitles are the exception like the following. I understand the work is very much. Maybe you could avoid to speak, leaving only the image. Some persons do that, and it works.

    Yep No problem, most of my YouTube stuff is about video games not about this kinda stuff so I wouldn't worry to much about that unless your into that kinda stuff but as for subtitles, I'll try to see if I can write some over this weekend.

    Is their any videos in specific that you would want me to write ones for..?

    And I'll be sure to check out the link as soon as I get out of school.


    I am using Fraps but perhaps you should look into a screen recorder called Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder... (

    I have it downloaded but have not tried it yet... Also when your going to install it and it ask you to agree to the terms of service and such, make sure you read what it wants you to agree to 1st, otherwise it might be a page it tries to sneak in asking you to agree to download some junk ware that you do not have to... Just decline it...

    Good luck!