How to Repair a Scratched Wooden Oar



Introduction: How to Repair a Scratched Wooden Oar

I love the great outdoors and building things.

After my last canoe trip, I noticed that one of my oars was badly scratched so I thought of the most simple way I could think of. It is very easy to fix, only takes 10-15 minutes!

Step 1: Get Your Material(s)

all i used was a electric sander. If your not happy of the results because of the discoloration caused by the sander, you can also apply a coat of varnish to get the best results but i didn't use any and it still looked great.

Step 2: Start Sanding the Oar

press hard for this step to make the process go faster (but not to hard so your arms will be sore for a couple days or that you will break your sander if your using one.).

Step 3: You Are Done!

Now, as i said earlier before in this article, you may apply a light coat of varnish to make it look better. 



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