How to Replace the Blade on a 9 Inch Bandsaw

Introduction: How to Replace the Blade on a 9 Inch Bandsaw

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Step 1:

First you need to unplug the saw. Then you need to buy a blade to fit on the bandsaw, mines a 59.5 inch blade, you then neet to open the saw

Step 2:

You then need to loosen the top pully using the lever on the back then put then blade on the pulley

Step 3:

You need to fit the blade on the pullies, this may be tough. You need to then pull the lever on the back to tension the blade

Step 4:

You now need to make the blade track straight using the knob on top. You should use your hand to turn the pully

Step 5:

Once you have the blade tracking well, you should plug it in. Then you should close the cover. Then turn on the saw , but be ready to either turn off or adjust the saw in case something goes wrong. As its going adjust the blade, the saw should have a small "window" to view the blade.

Step 6:

And your new blade is on! Fell free to follow and or comment

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