How to Replace a Dryer Belt on Whirlpool Models




Intro: How to Replace a Dryer Belt on Whirlpool Models

Step by step instructions to replace a dryer belt on a Whirlpool dryer. This is a easy repair that most do-it-yourselfers can do. It can save you time and money since you won't have to call in an expensive repairman for a very common problem.

Step 1: Tools

The tools you will need for this repair are as follows:

- 5/16th nut driver or socket
- Phillips screwdriver
- Putty knife
- Container for screws

Step 2: Warning

Before beginning any appliance repair, it is extremely important to make sure the appliance you are repairing is unplugged and is completely disconnected from power.

Step 3:

Begin by removing the lint filter. This will expose to screws that need to be taking out. Use your 5/16th screwdriver for this step.

Step 4:

Using the putty knife, place it in the opening between the top of the dryer and the front of the dryer and pop it up. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5:

Flip the top over so it is out of the way.

Step 6:

Remove the two screws holding the front of the dryer on. These screws are located on the inside of the dryer in the front upper corners.

Step 7:

Now that the front of the dryer is released, pull the top out from the dryer and then lift it off the tabs on the bottom. This will release the front piece and you can swing it to the side. Disconnect the lid switch wires if they are not long enough to allow you to do this.

Step 8:

Remove the old belt.

Step 9:

Note: Since dryers can get quite dirty, its a good idea to vacuum out the inside while you have the front off. To do this, simply pull out the drum, vacuum, and replace.

Step 10:

Place the new belt around the dryer drum, and then run the belt underneath the dryer and through the pulley as shown. The idler pulley should apply tension to the belt. Note: images for this step are shown without the drum. With the drum in place, you may need an extra hand to hold the drum up to get easier access to the motor and idler pulley.

Step 11:

Check the rear felt on the back of the drum and make sure it is not folded under. If it is, use a screwdriver to pop the felt out while rolling the drum.

Step 12:

Replace the front of the dryer. Make sure the small tabs on the bottom of the dryer are lined up with the small holes on the front of the dryer. Finish by screwing the front of the dryer in place, replacing the lint trap screws and replacing the lint trap. If you need to purchase a dryer belt for your dryer, check out



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53 Discussions


Question 4 weeks ago on Step 10

Do you put the ribs up or down on the drum?


Question 7 months ago on Introduction

Ok I replaced the belt, now having trouble lining up drum, ok how does the front part of drum fit on front part after placing door back on. I do believe I should have look before taking off.


9 months ago

Excellent guide! It's worth mentioning that it can be a challenge to get the belt around the idler pulley and the motor shaft -- while lying on your side, arm fully extended along the floor on the inside of the dryer beneath the drum, and probably with poor lighting!

I had to use a screwdriver to lever the loop in the belt up and around the motor shaft. That idler pully has quite a spring, and in that position, you don't have much leverage yourself.

But the screwdriver-lever got the belt into place around the pulley and motor. Then I had to work the screwdriver free from beneath the belt, where it got trapped!

In the end, it took less time to replace the belt than to get the whole contraption back together again. (That includes opening it a second time because I left the screwdriver inside.)

It was a bit more of a comedy of errors than the instructions suggest, but -- hey! -- it worked out.


1 year ago

Perfect instructions and pictures. I try to be a diy person, so far so good! My belt had fallen of and the pulley was out of place. Thanks to you my dryer is working again! Yeah so happy!


2 years ago

My issue is the belt came off than i found a an arm with a pulley inside...the only spot the pins in the bottom line up theres no screw hole, and even if there was it does nothing to tighten the belt.


2 years ago

Being a self proclaimed "JANE" of all trades, I was able to repair our dryer using these instructions with the greatest of ease! Great Job!I would like to add one thing to STEP 10: if anyone is like me and question EVERYTHING, when you place the belt around the drum, make sure the "grooved side is on the drum and the flat or colored side (depending on the belt you purchased) is facing up toward you.. It will make a difference!

2 replies

Reply 2 years ago

Thank you very much Elaine! Being the woman of the house, and about to embark on this situation (after being told it would be an easy repair for my husband to do), it helped me to see you here. What might be obvious to some who are used to dealing with mechanical situations might not be so obvious to newbies. I appreciate you speaking up about your experience with this.


Reply 2 years ago

That was obvious when you see the motor pulley had same grooves and moreover grooves would'nt really serve any purpose outside


2 years ago

Very helpful. Couldn't figure out how to re-position the roller after the old belt broke(roller fell with no tension on it). This answered that question and more. Thank you!


2 years ago

I made it ! Excellent instructions...thanks !! The old idler had vanished...then I knew the black powder around the motor were its remains. Good thing you advised to clean outside drum - it was very dusty; and good thing you advised might as well change the pully assembly while at it :) saved me another trip to the parts site!


My dryer was screaming at me so I knew that there was something in there somewhere. Your Instructions were a huge help to me in order to diagnose the problem, turns out I just had to remove two heat shields from the back of the dryer in order to grab something that fell back under the lint trap, but either way this helped me. Thank you!


4 years ago on Introduction

idler pulley -- this thing keeps popping off really easy. Did something break on it for it to be doing this? I finally got the belt back on and went to hand turn it (probably turned it the wrong way but still) and the thing popped right out! ARGH!


5 years ago on Introduction

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! You just saved me $900 for a new dryer!!! My brother helped but I did all the grunt work!!!!! LOL Great instructions!!!!


5 years ago on Step 8

WOW It would have taken me all day just to figure out how to get the top off the machine! Drying my first load on the new belt now, all seems well. The only (small) complaint I have is that I wish the article was more instructive on taking off the front of the machine, the little clips on the bottom messed me up.

A little helpful hint: Just use something to rest the drum on to keep it from falling while you are trying to put the belt on. The cardboard box my new belt came in worked perfectly for this.


9 years ago on Introduction

Very good article and pictures. When I got into my Whirlpool Estate TEDS840JQ0, instead of an idler pulley, I found the thing you see in this picture. We got this machine from a small business that fixes up and sells appliances. Is this part legit? Should I spend the 15 bucks on a pulley wheel and replace it? Thanks.

04-09-09 117.jpg
1 reply

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Mine just broke too, and has this 'glider' part, which seems totally ridiculous and a poor design; but you know what? It works! Thanks for adding the picture! Helped me out a ton!