How to Revise Properly WITH UPDATES!




Introduction: How to Revise Properly WITH UPDATES!

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When I looked, there was only one instructable on how to revise - INSTRUCTABLES NEEDS MORE!!
Updated Content:
-Due to some of my comments, it appears that I should have said that you don't have to use mind maps digitally and that, to be honest, it will help you more to do it by hand! Simply Mind doesn't allow you to add pictures so that's why there isn't any!!

Thankyou to 'MindMapper1' for a lovely long comment for me to see!!!

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Step 1: Supplies!

Make sure you have what you need. Eg. pens, pencils, folder, paper etc.

Step 2: Method: Mind Maps

I prefer to use mind maps. An excellent free app for this is Simple Mind .

Step 3: Method 1: Mind Maps

First start with the central topic

Step 4: Method 1: Mind Maps

Add subtitles on to that.

Step 5: Method 1: Mind Maps

Add extra notes onto that

Step 6: Method 1: Mind Maps

Increase until you get all info in that mind map!

Step 7: Method 1: Mind Maps

Mind maps are great for topics like science, maths and languages because you usually have different sections in one big section. Eg. In maths, area - you have many shapes to find the area of and you could spread it out into a mind map!!!

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Yep! It's just that the app/software that I used didn't allow you to add pictures. But, if I was doing it by hand, ten I would definitely add diagrams! Thank you for your good comments!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I am a mind map trainer and user of many many years experience. I am pleased to see that you are suggesting using MM, however images are extremely important in recall of information along with colour. May I suggest that you combine digital maps with hand drawn, in otherwords add to a printed version. This will make it more memorable and enable you to recall the information in testing situation. Mind maps can be used in all subjects and for all recording. I never write notes or lists, I always use a mind map and have done done for 30 years.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I do mind-maps by hand, with few words, mostly cartoons and diagrams.