How to Revise (extended)

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Revision times are coming up, with gcse and other exams nearly upon us, you can't just go in without any revision - can you?
You will need:
-Notebooks (I used a project book)
-Fun coloured pens
-HIGHLIGHTERS (my life saver)
Class notes

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I labeled my highlighters:
Pink - key terms
Yellow - important information
Green - general stuff
Blue - other

Then, have a contents page where you list all of the topics you've covered.

Step 2: Notes

Copy extensively detailed notes into your notebook from your textbook and/or class notes and then, get HIGHLIGHTING!!! This method will slowly introduce you to the info when you copy it, and then when the manic 'aaaaah exam next week' time comes, you can just read through the highlighted bits!!

Step 3: Get to It!

Revise, favourite, follow and comment! I love to hear from you guys!!

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    That's ok Danger! :) glad to help :)