How to Ruin a Glass CookTop




Introduction: How to Ruin a Glass CookTop

Here is proof that aluminum foil and glass cooktops don't mix. Watch before this happens to you!




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    Nope, I am in the house. I've got to buy a new cooktop. Actually, I was thinking about converting to gas anyway. This just put that project front and center.

    Gas is better anyway ;)

    we have a white glass cooktop, and its so ugly. it shows every little scratch and is stained up around the burners, landlord won't let us do anything with it either. we even offered to eat the cost of replacing the stove top and oven :/

    Possibly not all is lost. They make a polishing kit for scratched automotive windshields that contains an abrasive (cerium oxide?) that you use with a buffing wheel to polish out fine scratches. There is a chance it might work to polish off the stain and restore the cook top. I've never tried this, just a thought.

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    Thank you. I have tried mildly abrasive toothpase, but maybe the stuff you suggest is stronger. Thank you.

    Yes, that's actually the first thing I tried. I used muriatic (hydrochloric) acid to melt the foil off the burner. It worked well to get the metal off, but the glass is stained.

    oh I see I just thought the foil just stuck on it

    Hey Dale! I will be in soon with Karen, looking at new cooktops :)

    Oh man. That just bites! Thanks for the info. :)

    Oh no! I've only ever put aluminum foil on electric coil type stoves and I can tell you that they don't mix. Hopefully you can get another stove top soon.

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    I think we are going with gas, next time. Coils are fine. There is something special about glass.

    It is most likely not ruined. Get the special polish for glass cooktops. You will be amazed at what will come off.

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    That was my first fix attempt and it did nothing. A quick google search on "foil and glass cooktops" brings up a multitude of web sites that all essentially say "you are screwed" :). I also tried acid and gritty toothpaste, to no avail. The glass is actually stained.