How to Samurai Armor and Ninja Death Stars


Introduction: How to Samurai Armor and Ninja Death Stars

Adam shows you How To Make Samurai Armor And Ninja Death Stars for filmmakers on a low budget.

If you want to see an effect or prop being made on a video you can request an effect anywhere we are,you can go to our website at ,then go to the request an effect.
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    22 Discussions

    It wasnt looks like a samurai armor and you copied indymogul isnt ?

    That looks like an EOD suit. Basically a Juggernaut in n00b speak.

    u just copyed from back yard fx u could have just posted the linkto the website

    dude that not anything like a samurais armor and i would be better if you say "shuriken" and you look like a ninja turtle.

    dude its aTMNT more than anything!!! and by the way its shuriken not "ninja death stars" before u start building get to know the name of everything fist!!! ok??

    dude, what the heck, that doesn't look like a samurai suit, it looks like a TMNT suit

    dude ninja death starts? WTF!!?? they have a name! shuriken and your armour loloks nothing like what their armor looked like! >:0

    Not really. Ninjas have way lower quality weapons than Samurais..... but they do have more in their arsenal, so it kinda depends on the person....

    Most Ninja were out of work/homeless Samurai. Ninja were just hired to kill people in their sleep or other things typically deemed to be too dishonorable for a Samurai to do.