How to Save Battery on an I-Pad

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Most of the People I Know are always coming to me to borrow my portable charger (Its A Good Thing to buy!).
However, not everybody has a portable charger, so this instructable will show you how to save your battery!

On the Day of publishing, I Spent a whole school day using my i-pad, and I ended up still having 84% Battery by the end of the day!!!

Note: I Took the pictures at an earlier date so the battery shown in the images are from a different day.

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Step 1: Decrease the Brightness

Decreasing the Brightness will save a TON of battery!

Step 2: Lower Your Sound

Most people don't know this, but having your sound turned up when not in use actually uses up battery!

Step 3: Use Your I-pad Well for the Rest of the Day!

If you follow these tips, your I-pad should stay with a high charge for the rest of the day!

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    4 years ago

    I am sooooo following now


    4 years ago

    I never knew that the volume used battery. THANK U SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!


    4 years ago

    Thanks For your Support!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    These are all great ideas to improve battery life on any mobile device!