How to Set a PERFECT Tiny Tea Party

Introduction: How to Set a PERFECT Tiny Tea Party

Everyone makes tea parties. Big ones, little ones, royal ones, quick ones and so many other kinds. But today I will show you a PERFECT Tiny Tea Party. I hope you enjoy this Instructables!

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Step 1: What Materials You Need, Setting and Cleaning

For this Instructables, the MATERIALS are:

-Tiny Tea Set
-Two bowls(Big or Small, doesn't matter)
-A little bowl/toy basket/plate/anything you can serve with
-One tiny spoon

Now, to make this tea party good, we will do settings:

-1 tiny plate and 2 tiny tea glasses= You can not use the plates and do the party for two people
-2 tiny plates and 1 tiny tea glasses= You have to do the party for one person
-Plastic tea set= No hot drinks

You have to clean every material.

Step 2: The Tea and Treat

The Ingredients you need are:


The Ingredients for the Treat is:

-Churrios Round Cereal with hole in it
-Powdered sugar

Get you tea pot(s) and pour in the tea. I used Lipton Earl Grey tea. Put the sugar in the piece of the tea set for sugar. To make it look better, put in the tiny spoon.

Step 3: Make the Treat

I made 8 of the doughnut/cookie/treats. Simple, put some cereal in one of the bowls. Put powdered sugar in another. Put a piece of tissue/napkin in the little bowl/toy basket/plate/anything you can serve with. Dip the cereal in the powdered sugar, and then put it in the bowl/toy basket/plate/anything you can serve with.
And there you go! A very simple but yummy treat!

Step 4: Voila! Enjoy Your Tea!

When I finished, it turned out just as I wanted. Like this Instructables(plz) if you found it useful!

Please write your own ideas in the comments, I look there daily. Be sure to check out on my new Instructables(that will come out soon)!

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    5 years ago

    that's so cute!!!!!