How to Set a Volleyball




Introduction: How to Set a Volleyball

Have you ever wanted to set a volleyball high as the sky? Setting a volleyball is when you push a volleyball in the air so the hitter can spike it. The set is the second out of three hits. Take a look at the directions bellow to learn how to set a volleyball.

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

You will need athletic clothing and good shoes. You will also need a gym or an open space, and a volleyball.

Step 2: Getting Ready

First, you take the volleyball and open space and get ready. Make sure you are well stretched out. Gather about six people or more.

Step 3: The Bump

Next, take three of the six people. You should have someone throw the ball to one of you. Have the person throwing the ball, throw it to the person on the left. The person on the left will bump it in the air. Bumping is the first hit. .

Step 4: Now It's Your Turn

Finally, you make your hands in the shape of a triangle/diamond. When the ball lands in your hands push the ball high in the sky to the person on the right to spike.Make sure you are always paying attention you don't want to get hit. Always remember to keep a look out. If the ball you hit goes to someone that someone can't see yell "heads"! Now you know how to set a volleyball.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This would be far better, and more informative, if you used your own images, rather than copyrighted googled images.

    You could get friends or team-mates to go through these steps while you take stills or video of thrm.