How to Shave




Introduction: How to Shave

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Step 1:

Fill sink with water

Step 2:

Make sure the water is a comfortable warm temperature

Step 3:

Get a clean razor (make sure theres no rust)

Step 4:

Get something to rub on your face to make the shaving process easier ex(shaving cream, soap)

Step 5:

Squirt some into your hand

Step 6:

Rub your hands together

Step 7:

then proceed to rub on your face on the areas that you wish to be shaved

Step 8:

Put your razor into the warm water to warm up the blade

Step 9:

Take the razor out of the water and place the blade on your face

Step 10:

move the blade in vertical motions

Step 11:

WARNING do not move side to side this is how you get cut

Step 12:

Rinse blade to get excess hair off

Step 13:

repeat step 10-12 until all the desired hair is gone

Step 14:

clean sink to get all the leftover hair off

Step 15:

wipe face with towel

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Best time to shave is after a shower, the hot water on your face will make facial hair stand up and you will get a closer shave. Remember to rinse your face afterwords with cold water. This closes your pores and prevents less breakouts and such.


    6 years ago

    Good, basic instructable...I agree with the pics comment, but think that is self critiquing. Next, you should try using a badger shaving brush, quality shaving soap, and an old-school safety razor. The multi-blade razors made today make it easy, but also leave your skin prone to ingrown hairs and razor burn. Since I switched to a brush and safety razor over 25 years ago, I have never had any problems. Shaving is no longer a chore is quite enjoyable. Good luck.