How to Shoot a Basket Ball




If your new to basket or just wanna have fun with friend but aren't so perfect when shooting then look no further.

Step 1: Balance

When you have a Basket ball and you want to shoot the first thing to remember is need to stay balanced because if your not your just going fall or miss.staying balanced is what keeps all the other steps together.

Step 2: Aim

Remember balence is key so make sure you've mastered running and stopping.when aiming you want to visualIze that the ball will make it and stay balanced when shooting,so don't turn 180 degrees or 360 want to stay straight.And look straight at the hoop that will up your chances of making a hoop.

Step 3: Shooting

Now when you have practiced steps one and two your ready for this one.Now since you have the balence ready and you aiming you can shoot.But remember to look at the if you put all of these into order then you probably made a hoop or you made it closely and if you did then you need to practice a little go have fun

Step 4: Ending

Please have fun and be safe while playing and please vote my instructable for the teach it contest.And believe in your self



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    You are right but that was my friend shooting and I didn't want to tell him how to throw because he might get sad


    4 years ago

    First of all , you don't hold it with two hands on the sides . One of your hand throws and is supposed to be behind the ball and in the meanwhile the other hand "holds" the sides . You bring your hands up , throw the ball with a hand with an arc . The ideal shot will spin around itself while in mid air .