How to Show Hidden Folders in Windows 7

In this Instructable I will show you haw to show hidden files and folders in windows 7, windows vista and windows vista business (the one I am running).

It is fairly simple but it is easy to forget the method so lets get to it!

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Step 1: The Method!

First you have to go to the control panel, to get here you can go via the start menu or you may have a shortcut on the desktop for it.

Once you are there you will see a little search box in the top left corner, click this box and type "Show".

On the list of results there should be a section that is titled: Folder Options. Click the sub-option in this row that says: Show Hidden Files And Folders.

It should open up a dialog box and you should be able to find the tab that is titled "view", click this tab and it should be full of menus.

In the list of menus you need to find a file icon that is titled "Hidden Files And Folders", if you open the box you should see the two options - one says "Show Hidden Files And Folders" and the other one says "Do Not Show Hidden Files And Folders".

Select the option you want and click "apply" now you can close the dialog and the control panel and have fun browsing appdata!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I am using windows 7. but there is no given folder options in control panel. now what to do?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    You will have to search for the function, it doesn't show up on the homepage so you will have to use the little search bar in the top-right corner and search for "show" without the quotes.

    I hope this helped you :)