How to Sleep Properly!




Introduction: How to Sleep Properly!

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This instructable is mainly on how to sleep properly, but also on how to get a better night's sleep (basically the same thing!) Anyhoo! Lets get on with it! If you are reading this, you probably need help sleeping, are very tired and/or bored so I have shortened any long, confusing words just for you!!!

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Step 1: Step 1: Layout

You will need for this step: 1. Bed 2. Pillow (one or two) 3. Duvet or Blanket 4. You!

Step 2: Pillows!

I know that this sounds hideous, but I sleep with 4 pillows. This is because I find that my nose gets blocked up if I lie down flat and I can't breathe (or sleep for that matter) with a blocked nose!

Step 3: Everything Else

Get your duvet, pillows and bed and lay them out correctly, or however you find comfortable!

Step 4: Step 2: Facial Care

You will need for this step: 1. Lip Balm 2. Night Cream 3. Face-Mask 4. Hand Cream 5. You!

Step 5: Lips and Face

Before you go to bed, massage night cream into your face, especially areas where headaches may occur like the forehead and brow-bones. Also wear an eye mask to stop you getting distracted when sleeping

Step 6: Water 'n' PJ's

Have a bottle of water next to your bed at night. It will reduce the risk if headaches and just a little sip when you get thirsty! Wear comfy pjs to bed. I don't like onesies with feet as I get soo hot in them.

Step 7: Now You Can Sleep!

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    5 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Well, longwinters, I have, that's what inspired me to make this for you guys!


    6 years ago

    Ooh! Thanks I will update and add a link to the comments bar so that people can see it!!


    6 years ago

    Wow I can tell you have never suffered from a sleep disorder, permit me to add a few things.
    1 get the room really dark, including the removal of night lights,lit clocks, and cell phones that bleep when mail arrives.
    2 find a nice sleep inducing tea, sleepy time works wonders.
    3 no heavy drinking before bed, booze makes for low quality sleep.
    4 white noise like a small fan of rain sound maker.
    5 turn down to a low level all lights where you will be at lease one hour before bed time.
    6 caffeine should not be consumed after noon it's half life is at least 6 hours.
    7 if you can't sleep get up, don't turn your bed into a battle ground for sleep.
    8 exercise during the day.
    There are more but that's a good start


    6 years ago

    Other than that its good!


    6 years ago

    Water'n'pj's? Thats wrong. I can see the accident coming a mile away.