How To: Sneak Booze on a Cruise 2014 Edition





Introduction: How To: Sneak Booze on a Cruise 2014 Edition

Alternate Way to get Booze on a Cruise: (where I got my inspiration from).

Went on a Norwegian cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway and managed to sneak some booze on the cruise for our week long trip to the Bahamas. I watched tons of videos on how to sneak booze on a cruise that make it way too hard... packing it into Listerine bottles or other various methods that were no longer working.

While searching for way to get booze on the boat, I stumbled across the Rum Runner flasks that looked promising. I thought I could probably do the same thing, so I figured that I'd just put liquor into Seal-A-Meal bags and put it in shoes and pants to get it on board.

It worked perfectly. The only problem was that I didn't have a convenient pour spout, so I had to cut a corner off and pour it into a water bottle that we saved.

So, all you have to do is:

1. Get some Seal-A-Meal bags and cut a length of about 8" long.

2. Seal both of the open ends. There should be 2 factory sealed ends on the short sides, and two seal a meal ends on the long sides. Double seal them with about 1/4 inch between seals.

3. Cut off one of the factory sealed sides so you have a way to pour in the liquor.

4. Pour in the liquor and squeeze out as much air as you possibly can. Only fill the bags about 50% of the way full.. DO NOT FILL THEM TO CAPACITY.

5. Seal the top side with a double seal.

6. Sneak onto cruise inside of some dress shoes, pants pockets, etc.



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    We really prefer using Booze Buddy kits ( They were inexpensive, never leaked on us once, and worked like a charm every cruise we took. Can't thank those guys enough!

    Yes you can do that but has a very inexpensive flask kit to smuggle your booze on board. They work every time!

    You can always just get some special flasks to help you sneak alcohol on a cruise from they work like a charm and are not expensive at all.

    OMG!!! What about doing it the old fashioned way….just use a hip flask. You can totally hide it in your luggage. They don't check - I know I did it - and it's sooo much easier! Got mine at

    Wow, didn't know that carnival didn't charge us. Year and half ago.

    you could also get a wine corker and a bottle of wine. Drink wine. pour in liquor, And cork. And than heat shrink a plastic wine seal on top. Presto see as they normally allow one bottle of wine per person.

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    The only problem with that is most cruselines are starting to charge "corkage fees" to bring a bottle on board. We were going to bring a bottle with us but Norwegian wanted to charge us $15 a bottle to bring it aboard.

    It's a good instructable as these are things I like to look at