How To: Sodium Chlorate and Aluminium Flash Powder (Fast Burning)

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Intro: How To: Sodium Chlorate and Aluminium Flash Powder (Fast Burning)

In a previous video I had made a Slow Burning, almost Thermite like flash powder out of NaNO3 (Sodium Nitrate) and Aluminium Powder... (

Today I step it up a notch and make this batch using some Homemade NaClO3 (Sodium Chlorate) in place of the NaNO3... The results are the difference between night and day...

The Ratio is a simple 1:1 NaClO3 to Aluminium Powder, Mixed carefully of course.

Be safe!

Anyways, enjoy...



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    Mark CombellackC

    2 years ago

    Just had to comment that if this had used commercially prepared german dark or indian blackhead aluminium the result would have been very different and it worries me that someone might hear you describing the aluminium as german dark and think that it would be safe to light it the same way. In quantities like that shown above (8 gram) or even less if the powders are very fine the burn rate (which you described as like gunpowder) would be much faster, so fast that it could easily self confine (translation BIG BADDA BOOM) and do significant damage to anything near by (translation blow your hand apart or at least burn you). I had always read that in order to self confine that flash needed to be in a pile of a couple ounces so my first experiment using real german dark involved a little under ten grams and it went off with enough force to break the ceramic rid bath i had set it on. Bottom line is be extremely careful and don't forget that the burn rate in this video is quite slow compared to flash made from commercially produced products. I must say though that for homemade flash from household items that this is impressive and would make one hell of a bang if confined.

    Hopefully this should help ( and the Sodium Chlorate was made from bleach.