How to Solve Sanborn's Kryptos: Part 8 - K1 Palimpsest

Originally, Part 8 was supposed to be about the K2 palimpsest. But the K1 palimpsest is a lot easier to use as a demonstration on the techniques used.

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Step 1: The Clues for Uncovering the Palimpsest.

Step 2: Where Most Everyone Goes Wrong

Step 3: The Secret Is in the Matrix

Step 4: Misspellings Provide Clues

Step 5: Word Search Puzzle

Sanborn uses techniques that you find in the puzzle section of your morning paper.

Crossword puzzles, word scramble, and word search puzzles.

Step 6: Which Question?

Step 7: A Clue That Goes With K3

Step 8: Hints

Step 9:

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