How to Solve the Rubiks Cube

Introduction: How to Solve the Rubiks Cube

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Step 1: Know the Moves

R=right face L=left face U=up face D=down face F=front face B=back face

Step 2: Solve the White Cross

Get them in line with their correct centers also

Step 3: Put the Correct Corners in Place

Just put the white corners in their correct position. Usually I use the saying down bottom up pops the corner up and as long as the corner is in the right position it will work.

Step 4: Solve the Middle Layer

You will need to know the placement of the piece. First you get the piece you need to match the color that it is then if the other color on that piece needs to move down one layer to the right you will use this algorithm: U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F If the piece you need needs to go down one layer and to the left then use this algorithm: Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi

Step 5: Solve the Yellow Cross on Top

There are three different states your cube could be in right now. If you have one yellow piece in the middle and no other use this algorithm: F U R Ui Ri Fi If your cube has what looks like hands on a clock use this algorithm: F U R Ui Ri Fi If your cube has a line make it horizontal and do this algorithm: F R U Ri Ui Fi

Step 6: Get All Yellow on Top

Perform this algorithm several times and you will get all yellow on top: R U Ri U R U U Ri

Step 7: Get All the Yellow Corners in Place

Do this algorithm several times until your cube looks like mine in the picture: Ri F Ri B B R Fi Ri B B R R Ui

Step 8: Finish Solving It

Perform this algorithm several times and it will be solved:F F Ui L Ri F F Li R Ui F F

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    4 Discussions


    Question 4 months ago on Step 1

    What is RI?


    Answer 2 months ago

    Right inverted.

    Meaning you turn the right face of the cube counterclockwise 1 turn instead of clockwise.