How to Solve the Rubix Cube


Step 1: Solve for the White + (cross)

Get all of the white center pieces on the white side. The white side is the one with the white center piece. The centers never move.

Step 2: Get the White Corners

You have to get all the white corners In their correct position. They must complete the white face and make the first row.

Step 3: Get the Side Pieces for the Middle Row

You must get the side pieces for the center row. Here's how you do it. You must position the piece to right above where it needs to be and then use this formula:
If it is on the right side of the cube: Ri,Ti,Ri,Ti,Ri,T,R,T,R.
If it's on the left, change the Ti's to t's and the Ri's to r's. And vice versa.

Step 4: Get the Yellow Cross

You get the yellow cross by using this formula:

Step 5: Get the Yellow Corners in Their Correct Position

You do this by using this formula: T,R,Ti,Li,T,Ri,Ti,L.
Then Ri,Di,R,D.

Step 6: You're Done!



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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago

    R=right side (of the cube)
    L=left side (of the cube)
    D= down side (aka bottom)
    T=top side (of the cube)
    All I the regular capital letters mean to turn that side clockwise.
    Ri means right inverted. (Counterclockwise)
    Li means left inverted. Also counterclockwise.
    Di means down side counterclockwise.
    Ti means top side counterclockwise. Comment or like if this helped you!


    5 years ago

    Are the move instructions in Lisp?


    Loved the wonderful simplicity of the explanation. I was wondering if you could spend a bit of time explaining the terms used in the formulas, L, R, D, etc.; is it what you are doing to an individual cube or to a whole section?