How To: Spike a Watermelon and Make It Look Like You Didn't!




•Grain Alcohol
•Straw (not shown)

Step 1: Taking a Core Sample

Use your Pourer (the straighter, the better), to poke out a core sample of your melon. Go sort of slow to not disturb the husk of the melon too much though. After you get the core sample, push it out of the pourer with a straw. You;ll be inserting this back into the melon when you are done, so don't discard it!

Step 2: Fill 'er Up!

Insert the Pourer into the bottle of Grain Alcohol and let the melon chug it down like a champ! Pretty soon, your watermelon will be completely drunk, and soon after, you and your friends will be too!

Step 3: Replace the Core Sample.

Put your core sample back where it came from. This will both hide the fact that you spiked it, as well as keep the watermelon sealed for transport purposes, and the vigorous shake you will endure in the next step. You can peel the sticker off, and apply it over the core sample to give a little extra camouflage.

Step 4: Shake Your Melon & Enjoy!

Give the freshly spiked melon a good shake for a minute or three. This will ensure to mix up all that yummy juice inside the melon.

Your melon is now ready to surprise your friends and enjoy. You can pour some drinks from it, and then eat the flesh like normal. 

I would like to thank my internut friend Branndon "BT" Terry for taking the photos so that I could borrow them. 



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    8 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is really delicious with raspberry vodka! Everyone loved it!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Of course the primary purpose of this is to smuggle fruit into sports matches and other places where alcohol is not allowed, or heinously expensive. My parents apparently used to do something similar with oranges using a hypodermic needle. Eat orange, get drunk. Yeah!

    Don't forget, this is only a few days old. This same process can be applied to Pumpkins in the fall, Squash (not sure about how that would result lol), coconuts (these will need a bit of a different method with a non-pilot thin-wall holesaw). Cantaloupe and honeydew melons are also great candidates for this. I suppose this can be used on green or red peppers (may get interesting) and other hollow vegetables to give them a bit of a twist.


    6 years ago on Step 4

    been doing this for years and the results are always the same.....happiness....of course when I do this it usually takes 4 - 7 mellons and 3 -4 liters. I am happy to see that someone posted this...Great post!!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Did this when in the US Army one weekend. A few of us drove to South Carolina from Fort Gordon, Georgia. We bought a watermellon and some Vodka or Gin. We cut out a pyramid shaped wedge and poured in the Vodka or Gin. We had to wait for it to soak in so we just hung out in what we thought was an empty parking lot. It was out in the boonies and was a sand lot which had an old building on stilts. Many were built like that in the south. Flooding or what ? Suddenly the building began to shake and dust was falling from the floors underneath. We could see it clearly because the sun was streaking through. Then we heard loud stomping of feet in unison. Soon we also heard "Alleluia , brothers & sisters" and "Amen" many times over. We had stumbled upon a Baptist church meeting already in progress! We each took a slice of the mellon. It was sweet , cool, and intoxicating! We all started dancing in the parking lot, kicking sand up and saying "Amen, Brothers & Sisters!" We had fun and I never saw a single person come out of that old building. I never forgot that moment in time. Viet Nam changed our lives forever. I am so lucky to be here to tell this, many of my friends, are not. I miss them, they were my Brothers in Arms, Soldiers and Heroes.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    My friends and I did something similar for new years last year. We put vodka into a watermelon.