[How To] Splatoon Lego Dual Jet Squelcher



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I'm back! I've got a cool Lego creation to show you guys! It is the dual jet squelcher from Splatoon.

Step 1: Get the Pieces

You'll need: two Lego light saber hilts to Lego fire hydrant two 1x1 cones two Lego wrenches/droid arms two technic pins two technic blue pins to one by one clips to one by one bricks to one by one plate to cheese slopes to Lego bars one by three plate one 1 x 3 flat

Step 2: Dual Rifles

Hover over the boxes.

Step 3: Put Them Together

That is it hope you enjoyed this instructable!

Step 4: Just Kidding.....

Ha! We have not seen it yet! We still have detail.

Step 5: Detail!

Now that is it! I will do more instructables often and I hope you liked this gun!



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