How to Split Wood





Introduction: How to Split Wood

About: Field Guide for the Millennial Man

In this video I'll show you how to split wood with a maul while wearing a moose hat.



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    This is a way to split wood that WILL get you sore.

    I recommend using a similar technique; and never use a maul unless you plan on hitting it with a sledge hammer.

    Instead use a regular axe; I will display how to whenever I can.

    1. Thanks for the captions, I can understand wrote English but not spoken.
    2. Thanks for the fun, I laughed a lot imagining myself trying to split these logs. Brute force only, don't work.
    3. Thanks for that beautilful landscape.
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    Thank you Osvaldo. It takes a good amount of time to write out the captions so I am glad to know that you found it useful. I have more How-To videos on my BigNate84 YouTube channel that all include captions. I'm glad you enjoyed the landscape and got a laugh out of the video. It was filmed in New Hampshire. Take care!

    It's definitely a different approach (splitting slabs off of the sides of the round) with a specialized tool. Here is a link to the inventor's site-- It looks like a super efficient way to split firewood.

    Thanks Casey. I wonder if its the design of the new and improved tool that makes the difference or the type of wood and amount of time it was left to season? Probably a combination of both. In the video above we were using freshly cut pine (not recommended) we should have waited a season or two so the wood could dry out and split more easily. I like the efficiency of the tire method used in the link you attached.