How to Start a Conversation

Here is step by step instructions as to how you can start a conversation... the fun way.


Step 1: Your Face

If you want to have a fun/funny conversation your face needs to match. Funny: create a facial expression you find hard to do without laughing. Once the image has been created do that to the person you want to talk to, and once you give way to laughing he/she will too.

Step 2: Their Reaction

After the laughter has settled, they will comment or question your facial expression. From there you should say what you were trying to be (creepy movie character, inside joke, a cow etc.). Whatever you were trying to be trust me, the will say something. After that the conversation will lead to memories of whatever your face resembled or they will try it also.

Step 3: Talking

Now in the future your funny face will appear in little chats and will create a wide spread of humor ( in a good way). And this is a much better way to start talking then just saying "hey".



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