How to Steam Lobster




Steamed lobster is a better way to go than boiling. It uses less water so it comes to a boil quicker and the cooking times are the same. Since they aren't drowned in boiling water they don't pick up extra water that will leak out all over your plate and dilute your side dishes with briney water.

First, get some lobster. Then park them in the fridge or freezer for a bit so they chill out and go to sleep.

If you decide you want to boil, then check out this instructable.

Step 1: The Steamer

If you're renting a cottage in Maine it will likely have some kind of lobster pot. It probably won't have a steamer basket though. A lot of folks will tell you just to put an inch of water in the pot and throw them in, but to me that's still boiling. So what you need is help! Find someone willing to go outside and collect you enough stones to line the bottom of your lobster pot.

Pick your stones, wash your stones, carefully line the pot with them, fill with water to just a 1/2 inch below the tallest stones, and fire it up on the stovetop.

Step 2: Steam Bath

Toss in the buggers, cover them with the lid, and give time them just as you would if you were boiling them. For 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 pounders it'll be about 15 minutes.

Step 3:

Try serving with a nice beurre blanc or chill them out in the fridge and make some lobster rolls.

Now get crackin'!



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    7 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    2 things:

    1 - minor: I always take the bands off first - that rubbery/plastic smell turns my appetite fairly easily, plsu who knows what cheap and toxic materials they're made from.

    2- major: NEVER cook a dead lobster. reaon being, if it's dead you might not know for how long and you might get sick - so I just question the 'putting them to sleep' suggestion. Always make sure they're moving even just a bit before tossing them in.

    (another quick point - never leave lobsters in a bucket of water thinking they'll keep longer - they'll use up the oxygen in the water and drown - better off to in a dry bucket in a cool spot)


    5 years ago

    That is so cruel and inhumane to Natures creatures!
    Yes, some of us natures creatures don't have delicious lobsters and are going to bed and will dream of tasty lobsters with drawn butter all night! You're as bad as the person that posted the Chocolate Cake instructable. At least I'll have Lobster and Chocolate Cake in my dreams. Thanks for posting!

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Nature doesn't care one way or the other. I blame my cruel parents for not moving to Maine when I was young so that I could, if I had the cash, eat lobster until I was sick of it and didn't think it was interesting at all.