How to Stencil...




I've been stenciling for quite a while... and i decided its time to share my process with the community. now lets get started...

Step 1: Get Your Gear.

Ok heres what you need, spray paint, duh.
Annnnnnd paper
lamanating pouches (full 8.5-11)
a sharpie
an exacto knife (or a boxcutter although boxcutters are clumsy and hard to work with)
a printer
and a PICTURE....

Step 2: Find Your Picture.

Find a picture you want to stencil, if this is your first time i advise. "TOYING" or stealing someones stencil off of just search stencil and you'll find one. i made my own design using photoshop and I won't instruct you on how to do that it be to complicated. but since you probably won't want to go to deviant art just use mine by saving it to your computer.

Step 3: Print and Laminate

ok this is self explanitory.... print the picture(make it however big you want it) and then laminate it... using a thermal laminator. oh and if you started the laminator after u printed it out like i did you'll have to wait till the ready signs comes on... so go drink some water a soda eat somthing or whatever the when the light comes on go back to work.

Step 4: Cutting....

now for some reason this is fun for me, you'll hate it the first time. it takes a while to develope skills in cutting and evetually you'll be able to do precise lines and circles etc.... so GO Cut it already. oh yah by the way im not using an exacto im using my leatherman skel

Step 5: Lay Down the Tag

ok now find a place to paint, now put the stencil down and spray away... then wait until it dries. some artist use adhesive to keep the stencil down on surfaces. but thats not nessisary.

Step 6: After Thought...

ok now you've done it, you made a stencil, now go and design your own tag. And maybe even make a peice of artwork on a canvas.... tell me what you thought of the instructable...



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