How To: Stop Biting Your Nails With Hot Sauce




Introduction: How To: Stop Biting Your Nails With Hot Sauce

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Biting your nails is one of the top 5 bad habbits in America. It can permenatly damage your nails and lead to bacterial infections. A way to stop fast is the Hot Sauce Method.

Youll Need:
Hot Sauce-Hotter the better
5 Minutes

Step 1:

Get the hottest hot sauce you can find

Step 2:

Put the sauce in a bowl and put your fingernails in there for 5 minutes and then rinse your hands off. Dont use soap or it will take more of the hot oils off of your nails and wont work as well. Do not touch your eyes, ecspecially if you have contacts. If you do then rinse your eyes for 10 minutes. After that it will still burn all day.

Step 3:

The goal is to have your fingers not look gnawed away and look pretty again=)



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    Hot sauce is terrible I have a friend that uses this method on his kids. I can see he is hurting his kids fingers and they were crying tell me what their dad did to them. This frightened me a lot because their father can't see what pain his kids are going through. He forces them to let him see their hands and sees the bit marks and puts hot sauce on then slaps their hands yelling at them saying don't you ever do that again or i going to put more on you!! I tell him you are doing a terrible thing but he said you don't tell me how i should treat my kids. Next thing you know he moved never to be seen again... i pray for those kids. Pray that this nightmare will end for them.

    See, here is an example of my nails. I think some people chew on their nails more than others, and perhaps certain kinds are even more brittle and more susceptible to visible damage.

    14, 9:25 PM.jpg

    I love hot sauce.. But nail polish might be pretty nasty. Since I'm a guy, would coat it with tape. I've been biting mine since three years old, but they are in a lot better of shape than the ordinary nibbler too, so quitting will be difficult. Never chewed the cuticles, and the biting is casual.

    This is a bad idea. I have horrible nail biting, to the point where i do it unconsciously, in my sleep, and even when talking, it just happens and there is little I can do about it. I tried this, and it kept me from biting fine, but it got in my eye. Now, i have been pepper sprayed before. I don't know if it was my imagination, but this hurt more.

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    I personally think that's a dangerous idea. You could, say, scratch a bump on somebodys arm and then they rub their eyes...owch!

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    That's what I was thinking too! I don't happen to be someone one who enjoys hot sauce ( but most people I know do so this would probably make them walk around with their fingers in their mouth all day lol. 

    Have you ever stuck your fingers in "the hottest hot sauce you can find" for five minutes? I've had my fingers in Taco Bell Fire sauce and gotten a chemical burn from it (again, I know the hot sauce fingers nail-biting and nose-picking trick is talked about a lot but I don't think most of these people have actually tried it. 

    Then the title should be: How to stop biting nails OR how to teach your child to enjoy Hot sauce LOL