How to Survive a Long Road Trip

Introduction: How to Survive a Long Road Trip

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Step 1: The Anxious, the Wait, the Boring

All I can say is be prepared for a whole lot of boring. Alright You'll be in the car for maybe more then 5 hours if so this instructable is for you.

Step 2: Be Prepared

Like a Girl Scout or Boy Scout or whatever be prepared. Pack plenty of things to keep you entertained if you have a phone iPad or computer pack those and play on them. If you're the type of person that like to make up things bring a notebook and write down your ideas.

Step 3: The Drive

The most most boring part of this instructable is when you're in the car. This is wen your preparation if you didn't prepare correctly your pretty dumb. Snack i. Food play games sleep or listen to music it doesn't matter asking as your entertained.

Step 4: After the Drive

After the drive stretch before you do anything if you run around you'll pull down thing advice from a person who traveled a lot

I hope you enjoyed this instructable



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    going to see my friend soon, over 3 hour drive. taking my original 2008 mp3.

    Yes pretty much human it will work anything over 10 how about that

    Oh wow good info I will definetly use it

    Ever play the license plate game? That's one good way to pass time on a long road trip...!


    4 years ago

    how about 11 hours thats long