How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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I decided after seeing many of these guides to make one myself. I was out of town when I was board and decided to make it, so I had to draw the pictures instead. This may or may not help you, an apocalypse has never happened so I'm guessing what it would be like.

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Step 1: Fighting

So when there is a zombie, you want to kill it. Or run for your life. But this is showing you how to fight, so we kill it. Simple things around your house could work, like a steak knife, survival knife and many other things. Or you can use guns if you own any. Make sure you have enough ammo for when the zombies come and make sure your a good shot. If you are fighting zombies with knifes I would like to say be careful! They could easily knock you down or the weapon out of your hands.

Step 2: Food and Supplies

Make sure you have a lot of food and snacks. I think candy and energy drinks and energy bars and that stuff would be good. You can eat and drink them on the run, and it helps with energy. Soda could help to. You could keep some steak of something to throw somewhere to distract the zombies. Make sure you have a lot of food and if you don't during the apocalypse you will want to go to a store and get some stuff. (And keep in mind that you can probably steal the stuff because none will be working there)

Step 3: Bases

So you will probably want a base to hide from the zombies. If you own a cabin of something like that, go there. My cabin is in a small town. But my cabin is a few miles away from that town, so you don't want to walk of bike there. You want to drive, and zombies don't know how to drive. If they do know how to drive, then we are dead. Board up the windows and the doors and make a little hidden hole or something to get in.

Step 4: Running

If you don't have a base and are either: 1. Don't want a base or 2. You are looking for one, make sure you are armed or have a team or something like that. If you are running because your lost, your dead. Make sure you have snacks and a map and a backpack full of supplies. I don't recommend walking unless your looking at you map and aware of your surroundings because a zombie could sneak up on you.

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