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Introduction: How To: Sushi Mat

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Hello and welcome my fellow makers!

My family and I really enjoy a night of Sushi at our favorite spot, however it is a lot of fun to make it at home with the kids.

This tutorial will help you make your own Sushi Mat since they can be kinda hard to find in local stores.

Here is what you need!

1. A package of BBQ skewers

2. Cross Stitch thread ( Any color )

3. Packing tape or any kind of Masking tape

4. Scissors

5. Pencil or Marker

6. Ruler

7. A flat surface and a winning attitude!

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Step 1: Preparing the Mat

Open the package of skewers and arrange then flat on the surface you are working on side by side.

Place three strips of tape across the entire mat. One close to the left edge, one in the middle, and one close to the right edge.

Then place a ruler at the bottom of the mat and mark 1" from the left edge.

Measure the middle of the mat at 3 1/2"

Then measure the right side at 9"

From the 9" mark measure back towards the middle 1" just like the left side.

The measurements on the mat should look like this:

1" 3 1/2" 3 1/2" 1"


Make the same marks on the top of the mat, then draw straight lines on each mark from bottom to top.

Take the tape off and cut the pointed tips off, then align the skewers again and tape them together like before.

Step 2: Weaving

Take your Cross Stitch thread and measure out 5 times the length from the bottom of the mat to the top roughly 3'.

Make a loop with the thread and tie it around the first skewer on the left side of the mat.

Begin weaving the thread in and out from bottom to top.

Once you reached the top, make your way back down opposite the weave you just made.

Repeat this two more times, then tie three knots at the bottom and cut away the excess thread.

Step 3: Weaving the Middle

Remove the tape that is holding the right and middle and weave another 3' strand of thread in the middle by repeating the steps you already did with the left side of the mat.

Now do the same for the right side with the last 3' of thread and you have completed the weaving!


Use a spare skewer to adjust the threads and line them up to the pencil marks you made.

Also keep the thread loose enough so that the skewers will not bunch up, yet tight enough so that they do not slide out of the mat.

DO NOT cut the pointed end of the skewers after you finished weaving, do it before it makes your job a lot easier.

Step 4: Sushi Making Time!

Now that your mat is finished, wrap clear plastic around it and begin making your Sushi!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun and good luck!

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    3 years ago

    I guess the wining attitude is an option ?