How to Take a Shower / Make Yourself Smell Good




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Showering is important because people don't want to be around people who smell bad. Showering is also important for healthy skin. While taking a bath can be great for sore muscles it is generally more time consuming, and uses more water. So taking a shower is both good for you and better for the environment than a soak in the tub.

Step 1: Set the Water Temperature

You don't want to scald your skin. Burns hurt, but you don't want to freeze either. Pick a temperature that is warm and steamy but not too hot for your skin. Consider a cold shower if you need to wake up in the morning, or cool your hormones after a hot date.

Step 2: Wash Your Hair

A healthy scalp and clean hair is sexy. Washing your hair helps to reduce dandruff, and will give your hair a healthy look.

Step 3: Wash the Rest of Your Body

Apply soap to the rest of your body. Use a loofa or exfoliating glove to remove dead skin and dirt. Make sure to rinse away all of the soap to prevent it from clogging pores and causing acne or irritation.

Step 4: Towel Dry

Dry off with a clean low lint towel. Being dry will prevent your skin from chaffing and reduce the chances you will slip and fall on a wet floor. If you had to be rescued because you slipped and fell in the bathroom that would be very embarrassing.

Step 5:



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