How to Take Awesome Screenshots in Minecraft PE


Introduction: How to Take Awesome Screenshots in Minecraft PE

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Most People On Instructables Take Really Rubbish Screenshots when they are displaying their creations from Minecraft PE, Here Is An EXTREMELY Simple Instructable To Show YOU How to Take Screenshots Like A Pro!

Step 1: Finding

Find Your Creation:
For This Instructable, I Am Using My House!

Step 2: Settings

Pause Your Game,
Go Into Settings.
Tap The Button At The Bottom.

Step 3: Hide GUI

Tap The Switch That Has The Words Hide GUI On It.

Step 4: Snap

Snap Your Screenshot and Then No Longer Annoy Users!

Step 5: My Other Stuff

If You Liked The Design On My House, Be Sure To Check Out My Other Instructables!



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    i know Ejammer101

    No, Im Not Saying They Are Bad, I Just Have Slight OCD And They Kind Of Annoy Me.

    Your saying our screenshots are bad :/

    Uhh, Its Quite Complex, But Ill Try Later!

    I love your house