How to Take Care of a Monster High Doll




Intro: How to Take Care of a Monster High Doll

Here's how to take care of your Monster High Doll

Step 1: Keep Him/her on Their Stand When You Are Not Playing With Them

Also, don't play with your dolls too roughly as this can cause them to break

Step 2: Keep the Accessories With Your Doll

You never know, your doll could be worth a fortune in the future!

Step 3: Brush Your Dolls Hair

Here are some top tips • never brush when the hair is very tangled because it can cause hair to come out • brush the dolls hair gently • don't brush the dolls hair a lot if wet • if the doll has velvety parts of the hair (e.g: venus mcflytrap, ghouls rule clawdeen) don't get the 'shaved' parts wet - it will come off and ruin the doll!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing...I will pass this on to the relevant occupants of the house!