How to Teach Someone the Alphabet

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In this instructible I will teach you easy ways to learn your alphabet.

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Step 1: Read to Whoever Is Learning Their Alphabet

Read and repeat all the letters to the student. Answer all questions clearly.

Step 2: Separate

You can't learn all of your alphabet at the same time, so separate them into sections, so like abcd, efgh, ijkl, mnop, qrst, uvwy, xz.

Step 3: Quiz Time

Quiz whoever is learning their abcs.

Step 4: Ta Daaaaa

Your student should know be able to say their abcs with precision



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    This is a great Instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that leave me a message so that we can publish your work.

    Thanks for the cool Instructable and we hope to publish this soon!