How to Teleport in Minecraft PE


Introduction: How to Teleport in Minecraft PE

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Step 1: Step 1

First use this seed, jhonny golden apple

Step 2: Step 2

First you make a building like this, you can make it higher if you want when you teleport

Step 3: Step 3

Then walk in the little building

Step 4: Step 4

Walk in right in front of door and close it so your stuck in between it

Step 5: Step 5

Then go to your home screen

Step 6: Step 6

Then turn off the app

Step 7: Step 7

Then go back onto minecraft

Step 8: Step 8

Step 9: Step 9

Then once you get on you should be teleported (3/4 of the time you will teleport on top if you use this seed... And its weird sometimes blocks will disappear when you do this) hopefully it works for you!



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it doesn't work for me!

thats cool but you can do that with any seed

See, I have the Minecraft Pocket Edition on my iPad Pro and my MacBooks. I have tried this on both of them and even on my 6 plus iPhone. I'm being specific because I'd would appreciate it if somebody could tell me how I do this on them because it hasn't worked.

How do I teleport if I'm playing with someone else? Is it possible in both creative and survival??


If you have IOS 7 then you double tap the home button and slide the page to the app up, if you don't have the new update/iOS 7, the you double tap the home screen and tap the minus sign to turn off/refresh the app

How do u turn off the app

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