How to Tie a Rope Bridle

Rope bridles are easy to use, and very efficient . Sometimes, they can get tricky. Here's how to properly tie a rope bridle.

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Step 1: Get Your Horse.

To attach the bridle, carry it into your horse's stall.

Step 2: Loop

Here i am using a string model but you'll get the point. First off, the loop will be on the bottom and a long peice will be on top. I am sorry i have to use a model horse as well, my horse would not stand still. Ignore the regular bridle sewn onto the horse.

Step 3: String It Through

Push the long string that is at your horse's poll through the circle. Make sure to pull untill it fits your horse correctly.

Step 4: Make a "b"

Pull the long peice to the righr and then place it behind itself to make a lower case "b"

Step 5: Push String Through

Push the long peice through the "b" center.

Step 6: Pull

Pull and your done! The knot should look like this. Remember the long string should always point away from the horses face.

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