How to Tie a Sheep Shank Knot




This knot is often used for stopping a rope from snapping when there is a fray. This knot only stays when the rope is being pulled from either side.

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Step 1:

First off, make a 'S' with the rope making sure that there is rope left over on either side of the 'S'.

Step 2:

Make a loop at either end of the 'S' making sure that the loops goes underneath.

Step 3:

Put the curves in the 'S' through the loops and pull the both sides of the rope tight.

Step 4:

You have now completed the sheep shank.

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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    if you tuck each of the loose ends thru the holes on each end, you tie a bowline in each end making it impossible to come undone unless you untie it or the rope breaks.


    5 years ago

    The sheep shank is a great knot if you don't want to cut your rope, if done properly, I recommend using a second half hitch on each end but in the opposite direction of the first . This makes a clove hitch which makes the knot safer. The knot will stay tighter if tension is released , it may still come undone but it's not as likely


    6 years ago

    the example is fine. the knot itself, if you can call it a knot, sucks. never use it. if you need to shorten a rope or exempt a bad section of rope, there are other knots to use.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    WARNING: This is a dangerous knot that is known to fail under pressure. It's recommended never to use this knot in a situation that personal injury can occur in the event of it's failure. Many campaigns exsist to eliminate this knot from the scouting repetoir. sorry.

    2 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    The sheep shank will stay tied as long as there is pressure on the knot.

    The problem is if at any point the tension is relaxed the knot will unravel.

    I'll comment! Nice easy explanation :P

    I learned the sheepshank by making three loops and laying them over each other and them pulling the centers out! Your way is easier to explain!