How to Tie a Simple Tie



This tie is a very simple knot that everyone can do. Select a tie and look in front of a mirror. Follow the remaining steps...

Step 1: Begin the Knot

Start with the necktie's wide end on the right side for as long as about a foot more than the narrow end on the left.

Step 2: Cross Over

Cross the wide end over the narrow end.

Step 3: Under the Narrow

Place your thumb under the narrow end and wrap the wide end underneath narrow end on thumb. The wide end should be to the right and inside out

Step 4: Fold Over

Hold the intersection of the ends and fold the wide end over your hand holding the ends to the left. The tie should be back on the front side.

Step 5: Through the Loop Again

Bring the wide end under the tie and through the loop between your collar and tie.

Step 6: Bring It Down

Place the tie down and into the small loop in front of the tie.

Step 7: Finish It Off

Pull the wide end down and adjust by pulling the narrow end (should be behind wide end) if necessary.



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