How to Tie the Bowline Knot

The Bowline is the knot I will be teaching you today. If your are new to my channel, please go to my earlier instructable, "how to tie knots (introduction)" to have a better understanding of knots.

For instructional purposes I have melted 2 colors of paracord together so you see how the knot comes together.

Step 1: Make a Loop

You can do this by holding the rope in your right hand and then with your other hand, rap the rope around your middle and index finger, the pinch with your thumb.

Step 2: Put It Through the Loop

Take the end of the rope and put it through the loop. Also, if your tying this to lets say a tree, you would pass the rope around the tree then into the loop.

Step 3: Pass Under the Rope

You take the end of the rope and put it under the rope by the loop.

Step 4: Back Through the Loop

Now take the end and pass it back through the loop.

Step 5: Pull Tight

Pull the knot tight by holding on to the rope on in your right hand(black)and the 2 ends(orange).

Step 6: Your Finished!!!

Now take this knowledge and use it! Teach your friends, save a cats life or save your own! Please subscribe to me so can you stay updated on new instructables! ~Jeff



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