How-To: Tinkerbell Costume From a T-Shirt





Introduction: How-To: Tinkerbell Costume From a T-Shirt

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Here is an easy way to turn a t-shirt into a Tinkerbell costume!



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    Why can't i see it? ?

    What kind f wire isthat stuff she uses? It looks pliable but hopefully not reall really heavy-stiff. Can the wings be made bigger? (I do have a set of my own wings tho LOL! & also was that justextra elastic or bias-tape that she tied in the middle of the wings w/? I downloaded the vid bc I so want to try, Only I might make a fesh-colored part w/ neck & arms so it looks like a Tink dress but I'm covered as I have a scar on my shoulder I don't like showing, but I LOVE this, thank u so much for the video!

    Giannyl is the Queen of wordless instructional videos! I've come across her videos so many times when looking for how-to's...

    However... am I the only one that thinks the knots on the wings look like nipples? just sayin...

    I did it for a fairy tale themed christmas party and it was a awesome!! SO EASY and fitting everyone thought i bought it off the rack. Thanks. No one believed it was that simple and I refused to share this link with them. Just Because. Oh wings and wand i gave up because i couldn't find the right wire!! I got a real tough one and had blisters trying to twist it right. Damn.