How to Train Your Pet




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Lots of people like training their pets,and the pets don't need to be dogs or other trainable pets it could be even

a hamster!

Training a pet can be difficult,so it can take a lot of time,but you have to be patient,training a pet is one

of the good ways to bond with each other,and I would suggest starting when the pet is still young.

Step 1: Find a Nice Large Space in Your Home

First find a large space in your home to train your pet,but make sure there are no wires or anything dangerous in that space for your pet.

Step 2: Choose Some Different Healthy Treats

When you find a good space,then you should choose some healthy treats for your pet,treats are for

giving your pet everytime they do the trick and before they do a trick!

Step 3: Bring Your Pet to the Room

Before you bring the pet in the room,give him or her a treat,so they know something

good is going on!

and then bring it there ready to do the trick

Step 4: Say the Command

So now the most important steps!

Think about what tricks you want to teach your pet,and then say a command that is short so your pet understands,

so like if you want your pet to turn around say turn!

Step 5: Teaching the Actual Trick

So when you say the command (in a clear and loud voice)then you get the treat and like if you would want the pet to sit then get the treat up and down until the pet understands when it goes down give treat and repeat a few times,

then say the command but don't show the treat and if the pet does it then give treat,if not give treat and repeat again the going up and down or turning round it really depends on what trick you are teaching!



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