How to Treat Black Hair

By: Daysha Harper
Models: Ebimere Onitsha and Alecia Jackson
Stylist: Ciera Hill

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Step 1: Step 1-The Relaxer

Step 2: Step 2-Relax Hair for 10-20 Minutes

Step 3: Step 3-Wash Hair and Relaxer Out

Step 4: Condition Hair for Approximately 10 Minutes

Step 5: Step 5- Wash Out Conditioner

Step 6: Step 6- Blow Dry Hair

Step 7: Step 7-Straighten Hair

Step 8: Step 8-Another Form of Straightening Hair

Step 9: Step 9- Grease the Scalp

Step 10: Step 10-Braid Hair

Step 11: Step 11-Add Hair

Step 12: Step 12-Style Hair

Step 13: Step 13- Finished Product

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